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>> Or? OR?!! Bruno Marchal just said the Helsinki man will survive in two
>> examples, in M AND in W"; and now Bruno Marchal is asking if the Helsinki
>> man will survive in M OR W. It makes no sense!
>  Confusion between 1-view and 3-view.

You said the Helsinki man will survive in two examples, in M AND in W. and
then ask if the Helsinki man will survive in M OR W; so who's the one
that's really confused around here?

> > > The Moscow man can see a continuous trajectory from being the Helsinki
>> man to now being the Moscow man and the same is true of the Washington man,
>> so the Helsinki man has obviously been duplicate
> > But not his first person perspective.

PRONOUNS SUCK!  Who the hell does "his" refer to?  For that matter what
exactly is the Helsinki man? You said " the body read in Helsinki is
annihilated", I think the man still exists in Washington and Moscow and I
thought you did too but apparently not because of various peeing issues you
are unable to communicate coherently.  You were not satisfied with the
testimony of either the Washington or Moscow man and don't want to hear
what they have to say, you want to know about "his first person
perspective". Nobody is experiencing Helsinki anymore so I repeat my
question, who is "his"? After this experiment is concluded who's testimony
would convince you that you have received correct infirmation about "his
first person perspective"?

> Define "bruno marchal", and "john Clark".

First define "define".

> The 3-I is well known to be definable by the Dx = "xx" trick,

I have to inform you that "the Dx = "xx" trick" is NOT well known to me and
I don't know what you're talking about.

>> So what's the problem?
> > To evaluate your chance, in helsinki,  to later feel to be the W or the
> M man after the duplication is done


> You forget to mention that the question was: where will you feel.

You forgot to mention where who will feel.

> You can do the thought experiment  in a setting where in Helsinki you
> take some drug so that you become amnesic, and don't know more who you are.

That's 4 yous in just 28 words, a new record.  PRONOUNS SUCK!!

> ?


  John K Clark

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