On 12/8/2012 2:47 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
People change over time and the meaning of the pronoun associated with that changing person will change over time too, and the meaning of the pronoun will change even more suddenly if a duplicating chamber is used.

But both remember the protocol, and make sense of the P=1/2, and use it correctly in future iterated experiences.

I suppose P=1/2 comes from an implicit symmetry. But that's not analogous to probabilities in QM which and take a range of real values. And that's one of the problems with Everett's MWI - it implies that when there are two equi-probable choices then there must be two orthogonal worlds which by symmetry have probability 1/2, but if the two outcomes have probabilities 0.5+x and 0.5-x where x is some transcendental number then infinitely many parallel worlds must come into existence to instantiate the right measure, even though x is very small.


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