On 12/17/2012 1:33 PM, meekerdb wrote:
My complaint is that conservatives just lie, and assume we're all as gullible as Rush Limbaugh's audience.

When g=1 all the wealth is owned by one person.
When g=0 every person has the same wealth.

Which is why it is a problem that it keeps increasing in the U.S. But the gini is usually calculated for income, not wealth, because wealth is much harder to assess. The after-tax gini on income in the U.S. (not wealth) has gone from 0.316 in the 70's to 0.378 in 2000. For comparison Belgium's gini is 0.259. Check this to see which country you'd rather live in:

Hey Bret,

In a mass grave, the gini is exactly 0. You are missing the point completely.



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