On 12/19/2012 2:16 PM, Quentin Anciaux wrote:

2012/12/19 Stephen P. King <stephe...@charter.net <mailto:stephe...@charter.net>>

    On 12/19/2012 1:46 PM, meekerdb wrote:
    On 12/19/2012 6:58 AM, Roger Clough wrote:
    Hi Craig Weinberg
    Conservatives don't want NO govt.
    They want minimal govt.

    I think you're confused; that's Libertarians. Conservatives
    always vote for more government control over individual behavior
    and more money for the military (that protects their world wide
    business interests).

    It's the far left (the occupy movement, who are anarchists)
    that want no govt.

    That's why I think there should be a left/libertarian alliance
    for personal liberty and limited government.


    Hi Brent,

        I wish you where correct, but the facts tell us that the left
    is incapable of not seeing the State and thus government as its
    Deity and almighty benefactor.

Yes and anarchism is not a left movement in your universe maybe... Also for Roger, please don't confuse anarchism with anomie.

Dear Quentin,

Could you propose a rough and ready definition of "left" and "right" so that we can align our ideas better?



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