I read some workd of Gintis,. but the experimental game theorists give up
when things get complicated. The dynamic of groups stability and
cooperation and their mechanisms is an field which has not even started.
They do not study the vital role of public cult and rites, for example that
are critical for an efficient group.

And when started, the philosophical consequences have not been explored.
Because this  has profound implicatiopns for what people believe that is
true or not.  The first of then is that whatever people say  have two
meanings: one the pure truth content, the other the implication of this
truth for the prominence and cohesion of his group, and both appreciations
are mixed, bot at the time to communicate it and at the time of evaluating

2013/1/6 meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net>

> refore I will believe in what it says.
>  If I detect that what He says is


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