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Hi Stephen P. King
The word "must" implies forcible persuasion.


But the use of force to persuade is not the essence of fascism. Fascism is a governing system where the population can own property privately but the use of said property is dictated by the State. Most countries are fascistic.

Only because you've taken a single attribute of Fascism and taken it to be a definition. Fascism is the idea that a nation is a kind of super-being in which labor, industry, and government are *bound together into one* (hence the name) and the life of citizens takes meaning from how they serve their function as an element of The State. This was further taken to imply that superior, i.e. Fascist, nations should bring this superior culture to other inferior, i.e. non-Fascist, nations by armed conquest.

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the
merger of state and corporate power."
         --- Benito Mussolini.

Thank you, Brent, for this. ;-) I was trying to highlight the behavior of fascism in ways that do not invoke extraneous discussion. All that you added, while true, is irrelevant to my definition as it is representative of just one form of fascism, that of Mussolini's Italy.

That's like saying Hitler's Germany was just one form of Nazism, or China 1945 to 1976 was just one form of Maoism.


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