On 27 Jan 2013, at 12:28, Roger Clough wrote:

Hi meekerdb

Germany has always been antisemitic, Hitler just organized the killing
jews, who unfortunately were also socialists/communists
.... but anyway, Luther's writings were done somewhat
obscurely in the 16th century.

Luther was not alone. It is only recently that the pope (Jean-Paul II) eliminates the antisemitic statement of the canon of catholicism. Antisemitism is "natural" for Christians as Christianism extends Judaism, and the jews did not follow. But the Churches evolves, and this can be helped by the motto: never take literally any human prose. In religion, literalism leads to massacres. Salafism in Islam makes the same mistake, I think. It makes easy to attribute social problems to easy scapegoats like those who dare to doubt 'the text'.



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