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> Germany has always been antisemitic

Thanks to that pioneering antisemitic crusader, Martin Luther.

> Hitler just organized the killing jews,

And the writings of Luther and Hitler on the Jews are almost
indistinguishable, if you didn't know you'd be hard pressed to say who
wrote what.

> Luther did not motivate anybody to kill jews.

In one of Luther's last sermons "final warning against the Jews" he says
"If they [Jews ] could kill us all, they would gladly do it. They do it
often, especially those who pose as physicians."

In Luther's charmingly titled book "On The Jews And Their Lies"  Martin
Luther says Jews "are full of the devil's feces which they wallow in like
swine" and are "poisonous envenomed worms"; and then Luther flat out says
"we are at fault in not slaying them". Four hundred years later the
newspaper "Der Sturmer" called Luther's book "the most radically
antisemitic tract ever published" and they should know, Der Sturmer was a
Nazi newspaper; the prize possession of its editor Julius Streicher was a
first edition of  "On The Jews And Their Lies". Streicher was hanged in
1946 after being convicted in Nuremberg for war crimes.

And Luther wasn't just talk, when he gained political influence he got the
Jews expelled from Saxony in 1537 and tried unsuccessfully to get them
expelled from Brandenburg in 1543. Luther lobbied for laws allowing the
burning of Jewish homes and schools and synagogues, to forbid Jews from
traveling on roads, and for rabbis to be executed if they preach.
Fortunately no ruler until Hitler enacted all of Luther's anti-Jewish

> but anyway, Luther's writings were done somewhat obscurely in the 16th
> century.

Obscurely??! Luther's writings set Europe aflame. Apparently we have a
Lutheran who knows very little about Luther.

But I repeat my question, why would anybody want to call themselves a
Lutheran? We already agree that in matters of Astronomy and Geology Luther
just made a fool of himself, and I think the above quotations shows that
Luther was a moral imbecile, so if you must be associated with a bipedal
hominid who lived hundreds of years ago couldn't you find a smarter or
nicer one than Martin Luther? How about DaViciian or even Newtonian, Newton
was a lot smarter than Luther and although Newton was pretty nasty he
wasn't nearly as personally unpleasant as Martin Luther.

  John K Clark


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