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        > Unpopular religions are denounced as cults.

    A religion is just a cult with good PR.

It's interesting. I would be curious to know whether every established religion intentionally sought legitimacy at some point,

What would that mean? Legal? Where there is official government recognition of religion (and probably tax breaks) the answer would be that they sought the recognition. And all that you can consider 'established' have sought adherents. But "legitimacy"?? I'm not sure how that world can be attached to "religion".

In my country, that is the case. Religions have to be recognized by the government. If not they are classified as sect, and are forbidden (like scientology). It is awkward and arbitrary, but that's simply the case.

I'm curious. How do they get recognized? Do they have to apply, or does the government have some standard (numbers?) by which they automatically get recognized? Do they have to file some statement of doctrine/theology/dogma with the government so that it can be determined whether a group is a splinter sect or a different religion? Is Mormonism recognized?


The result is that sect become secret societies, so it is even harder to get rid of them, or for adherent to ever been able to get out of the influence. It is a real social dramatic problem. Then corruption makes also some sect still developing, like notably scientology.


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