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What knowledge do you think has come from philosophy?
You are aware that by asking this question you are already doing philosophy?

Some of my favorites: the scientific method, logic, the
systematisation of fallacies, Descarte's cogito, theories about
knowledge itself (Epistemology). The entire intellectual foundation of
western civilisation may make it to the list too, but it's a bit hard
to enumerate all the ideas...

"The philosophy of science is just about as useful to scientists
as ornithology is to birds."
      --- Steven Weinberg
Funny as it might be to treat scientists as a biological class of
organisms, this is a bit silly. Popper's principle of falsifiability
seems rather useful to me. Occam's razor is not that bad either.

Useful summaries of practice and explication of science, but are they 

There is no knowledge as such in science.

That's contrary to all usage. It means I don't know the Earth is round and I don't know there's a refrigerator in my kitchen. I understand these are theories or models and that they are defeasible. But to say there is no knowledge because knowledge must be certain seems perverse. And it doesn't comport with your own formula that "knowledge = true belief". My belief that there's a refrigerator in my kitchen can be true without being certain. If I go now and look in the kitchen and see a refrigerator then my belief is true and constitutes knowledge.

But this seems very different from say, Popper's principle of falsifiability. Is it a definition? A normative rule about how we use the word "science"? Or is it advice about how to weigh theories when deciding which one to work on? Is Popper's principle falsifiable?

Only falsifiable beliefs.

Are you asserting that there are no true beliefs in science?


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