On 4/17/2013 6:29 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

On 16 Apr 2013, at 19:51, meekerdb wrote:

On 4/16/2013 1:55 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
There is no knowledge as such in science.

That's contrary to all usage. It means I don't know the Earth is round and I don't know there's a refrigerator in my kitchen. I understand these are theories or models and that they are defeasible.

That's the point. That is important when we talk on science in science. The usage is good for sending man on the moon, but in epistemological research, we must be more cautious with the terming.

But to say there is no knowledge because knowledge must be certain seems 

Knowledge must be true, not certain. Truth is anything but certain, in most case. The only exception might be consciousness.

And it doesn't comport with your own formula that "knowledge = true belief". My belief that there's a refrigerator in my kitchen can be true without being certain.


Then you cannot assert that there is no knowledge in science.


Because I believe there's a refrigerator in my kitchen and that may be true. If it is then I have knowledge and to assert there can be no such knowledge is false.


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