On Wed, Apr 17, 2013  Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

>> it is disconcerting to learn that after trying to make logical points
>> with somebody for over a year to find out that there is not the slightest
>> possibility of logic making any change whatsoever in their beliefs.
> > This is exactly what I and some others thought, and said, about your
> posts when you pretend to not understand, or to refute, the first person
> indeterminacy.

I have no trouble understanding first person indeterminacy. I (the first
person) don't know with certainty (indeterminacy) what I am going to see
next and even if I did I wouldn't be certain what I would do next until I
did it. All that is crystal clear, however you claimed to have found a new
sort of indeterminacy unrelated to Quantum Mechanics or what Godel or
Turing found, and despite your repeated efforts I was unable to understand
that at all. With some embarrassment I admit that there have been times in
my life when I pretended to understand something when really I did not, but
I can honestly say that except maybe for a short time as a joke I can't
recall even one time that I pretended not to understand something when
really I did. Some would say I'm stupid enough as it is and don't need to
pretend to be any dumber than I am.

> It is more easy to see the irrationality of others than of oneself
> apparently.

In general that is certainly true but Bruno let me ask you a very serious
question, doesn't all this astrology stuff bother you and make you question
how you allocate your time? Doesn't it bother you to learn that Craig
Weinberg, somebody you have spent a lot of effort debating with, would say
things like  "embody the Aquarian tension of revolutionary rationalism
symbolized by the Saturnian-Uranian co-rulership of Aquarius." and "With
their interesting combination of Mars in Libra squaring their Moon and
trining their Sun" and  "The Neptune Saturn conjunction with the Jupiter
stellium in Neptune-ruled Pisce" and  "There is nothing in numerology or
astrology which is even remotely as flaky as modern cosmology."  and
"Astrology is extremely rational" ?  I've got to tell you that finding out
that I have misjudged somebody that massively bothers the hell out of me.

  John K Clark

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