On 4/30/2013 3:19 PM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
Telmo said:
/Just like religions, nations are an artefact from an era when there
wasn't anything better to scaffold civilisation. They are becoming
especially ridiculous in the Internet age./
Telmo I often agree with you, but I can not avoid to smail at this. Religion is not something outside the man that it can get rid of. It is an internal and vital faculty of the human mind. If you have only a nation, you have nationalism, that is a religion. If you have only Internet people will develop a religion around internet perhaps a bloody religion. Simply because we have legs, we want to walk, and we have a religious instinct, we need religion. legs are for running from predators. Religion is for coordination.

So the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles have to have different religions - since they can't both win. And I have been mistaken all these years that my co-workers and I were coordinating to achieve something we regarded as worthwhile and we were paid to do; when actually we were practicing a religion.

What sophistry and logic-chopping. People need cooperation and society - so they're really all socialists. People disbelieve in almost all gods - so they're really atheists.

cut the legs of a person and a it can not walk. deprive people from religion and they will develop their primitive-form-of religion and recent history in communist countries tell that again and again. And primitive religions are ALL bloody by the very nature of human society.

And those "modern" religions still metastasize their bloody origins where ever they aren't restrained by the Enlightenment ideals: Muslim terrorists. African persecution of homosexuals.


I am religious you are religious everyone is religious because neither you neither me can extirpate the mental circuitery.

Speak for yourself.

Live with it and take care about which content do you accept in a religious way. And reflect yoursef about what is what you believe in the deep, what are your comunity of believer and either if you treat the other people in a fair way or you are a dogmatic blind to facts.

Yeah, that was Paul Tillich's move: Whatever you care about is God. Didn't work for him either.


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