On 5/7/2013 1:16 PM, John Mikes wrote:
John Clark:
the reason I 'post' is to get argumentation BEYOND the general negative you submit. Experimental evidence is a fairy-tale based on assumptions upon presumptions believed to be 'true'. Like: the 'physical world' in conventional science. I would love to learn from you (and others) if your post is reasonable and meaningful. No 'feelings', please.

Bell's inequality is within the EPR assumption (pardon me: thought experiment). The consequences are well thought of. Math-phys predictions and conclusions ditto. Conventional science is a useful practicality (almost true, that almost works well with some mishaps and some later corrections).
After 1/2 century successfully working within it I arrived at my agnostic 

But your stance seems anything but agnostic when it comes to inherent randomness. You seem to know in your heart that such a thing cannot be.


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