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There are genuine enemies out there. Wars of Terror were never wars on Jihad. Terror is a method, like playing the accordian, the goal is different then a method. An elite, reluctant, under both Bush43 and Obama, is that they will not even name the aggressor. Wars on drugs, were based on generational battles, with Reagan-Bush, and with other cultural issues. Such behavior on the street, a lack of a sense of responsibility, misbehaviors, observed, and all that. Even, Holland, has made it symbolically, a bit, harder, to smoke there, for a non-citizen. So, its always, no matter whom, it is you trust? Don't trust?? We don't require a grand, conspiracy to beat us. All it takes is a passive public-and we have this now. What will it take to change this? _One_-the goody wagon ends for Obama's supporters._Two_, a force outside the US, does something, bad, to the US.

I think that already happened.

This is the one that I am fearing. No, it won't be a conspiracy of the elites, just US weakness, and narcissism. This is what I actually, am, concerned, about. Call it paranoia.

The 'weakness' comes from the paranoia. People are supposedly afraid of terrorists, abortionists, pot, immigrants, China, gay marriage,...at least this is what politicians claim. But at the same time the people don't trust their own government to do anything to address these fears.


Situation Two will likely bring on Situation One. An attack originating outside the US bringing on economic (collapse, damage, panic???), whatever. I don't think we need a highly intelligent, cabal to ruin us, in America. Just our own vanity, and studpity. This is my take.

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