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"atheism" is different in America and in Europa, although I have
realized now that some atheists in America might be similar, but not
Hitchens. Many people confuse agnosticism and atheism.

1) A atheist is someone who dismisses the idea of God, although some don't
have the courage to also dismiss the word G-O-D.

Atheists differ on this. Some indeed dismiss the idea of God, and dismiss as
much Hindhuism and Christianism, Aristotle Gods and Platonic Gods.
But then they believ in Matter, the "thrid God" of Aristotle. But they want
you to believe it is not a God, and seems unable to understand that IF
everything comes from primitive matter, it does play the role usually
attributed to God. No one has ever seen primitive matter, nor explain how it
proceeds, etc.  Primitive matter is an etraoplation of the SENSES to number
relations inferred from experiences.

That's just your rhetoric, Bruno.  Neither you nor anyone else thinks that
primitive matter plays the role usually attributed to the theist God.  No
one suggests we worship matter or look to matter for ethical rules.  There
are no churches collecting donations for matter.  There are no dogmas of
matter written on stone tablets.
Ecologists / Global warming
Vegetarianism / Veganism
Biological foods
Work hard / employment is good

These are all common dogmatic beliefs amongst a certain class of
people who reject traditional religion.

It ain't dogmatic if you go with the preponderance of the evidence.

I'm not judging: they might
all be true and reasonable.

And the people that hold those views might be quite willing to change them given different evidence - which is not the case for religious people who make a virtue of faith.

Traditional religion is most certainly not
true nor reasonable. What I am saying is that, you known and I know
that evidence against any of these things would not change the opinion
of most of their proponents.

I don't know that. Go to realclimate.org and see if you think Gavin Schmidt holds his opinions on faith.

These are dogma attached to organisations
that collect donations and label people who oppose them as heretics.

Sure, there are Libertarians and Wiccans and Racists - but they don't worship 

They _want_ these things to be true. They derive a moral code from
them. There are purification rituals: eat a certain type of food (stay
pure), look down on those who eat at McDonald's or drive a big truck.
They are worshipping matter.

Really? Have you asked them? I'll bet you that they'll say they are spiritual and not materialists.

It's materialistic puritanism.

That's just pejorative rhetoric.


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