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    > Coercion is by persons, not by object or logical things...

So if I were shipwrecked on a desert island then no matter how much I hated it there and wanted to get back home I would have complete and absolute free will, but if I ever did get back to my home in Manhattan I would have far less free will because then there would be millions of agents with the potential to interfere with my wishes. If I fall down a well and get stuck and nobody knows I'm there then I have free will, but if I live happily in even a very nice small town then I do not. Is that really what you mean by "free will"?

    > Free will is the ability to chose to do something

And there are only 2 possibilities, the choice was made for a reason or it was not. If it was it's deterministic if it's not it's random.

    > everything you do is by your own *will*

So if I stay on the ground rather than fall through the crust to the Earth's center that happened not because of the Pauli Exclusion Principle but because I willed myself to stay on the surface.

    > the jury will have to see if the wrong you did was by your own choice or 
not, if
    it was your own choice then it was free, you could have chosen otherwise 
but you
    chose not to, nobody forced you.

And that is why the criminal justice system on every country on the planet is such a ridiculous illogical mess.

I don't think the reason is in assigning lesser culpability to the banker who is coerced to steal money for someone who is holding his family hostage as compared to the banker who steals money to fund his lavish lifestyle.


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