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> at the end of the day I am a dualist

I too am a dualist. I believe that John K Clark's brain and even his entire
body is not identical with John K Clark, and I believe that because I
believe in something far far more fundamental, nouns and adjectives are not

> Even better as a improvement over Dr. Turing's Test, would be "I want you
> to live."

Saying "I want to live" means nothing, its actions that count. As I
mentioned before from the early 1970's deep space probes have been going
into "safe mode" and stop collecting scientific data and doing anything
else except for things that prolong its existence (like maintaining its
communication link) when it detects something unusual that it thinks might
be dangerous.

> If this isn't faked by a clever developer,

That's not a very profound insight. If you want to know if the Goldbach
conjecture is true just read a proof of the Goldbach conjecture, if it
isn't faked.

  John K Clark

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