On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 12:27 PM, Chris de Morsella <cdemorse...@yahoo.com>wrote:

> I think your position is ridiculous. Evolution has clearly invested a lot
> of energy into “free will”
Can not comment, don't know what ASCII sequence "free will" means.

> > “self-awareness”, and other qualia that characterize conscious existence.
Well, I have self awareness and other qualia, so I know that Evolution did
it at least once, and maybe I'm not the only one, maybe it did it billions
of times. But I also know that all Evolution can see is behavior and it
can't see those qualities any better than we can see self awareness in
others. Therefore I conclude that self awareness and other qualia MUST BE a
byproduct of intelligent behavior.

> Evolution did not go through all the trouble and to expend all the energy
> our species expends on creating this sensation within ourselves – whether
> it is actually real or an elaborate (and evolutionarily costly adaptation)
> to carefully create this deeply layered and highly convincing illusion of
> free will within us – for no reason at all.
If free will were a illusion I would have no problem with it whatsoever!
Illusions are a perfectly a legitimate phenomena worthy of study, but "free
will" is not nearly as interesting because "free will" is just a noise made
by the mouth.

> > The brain consumes a lot of energy
And apparently Evolution decided that the increased energy usage was worth
it because the resulting intelligent behavior brought more genes into the
next generation than a brain that used less energy and was therefore less
intelligent. And consciousness just went along for the ride.

  John K Clark

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