On 4 October 2013 06:28, Platonist Guitar Cowboy

> You were kind enough to let the list know, along with Chris Peck, that the
> flaw in the reasoning concerning step 3 of the UDA is "it sucks".
> Unless you guys backtrack and quit abusing the fact that Bruno's
> politeness and dedication to critical debate puts him in default mode of
> taking your points seriously and granting you the benefit of the doubt that
> you would not in the faintest be inclined to grant in return, these
> discussions are a one way street into brick walls with "you suck" infantile
> graffiti sprayed on them at the end.
> So unless you can state something more substantial than teenage insults
> and ruses รก la "I don't understand THIS AND THAT!!!" or the more passive
> but nonetheless authoritative "you're confusing first/third person,
> everything is first person" etc. , I submit you guys are trolling and
> wasting time on this.
> Either be open for genuine discussion and finding of flaws or this is
> pointless as it does a disservice to the readers of this list. It is not
> difficult to see that refuting computationalism in this form, would be a
> major result.
> Your aspirations are lofty gentlemen, but they don't jibe with the
> infantilization and the mockery masking itself as poised discourse and
> clear debate. PGC

I would like to frame this post and bring it whenever necessary :)

In fact I will keep a copy, just in case it's ever needed again. Thank you,

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