On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 , LizR <lizj...@gmail.com> wrote:

>> What question about personal identity is indeterminate? There is a 100%
>> chance that the Helsinki man will turn into the Moscow man because the
>> Helsinki Man saw Moscow, and a 100% chance the Helsinki Man will turn into
>> the Washington Man because the Helsinki Man saw Washington, and a 100%
>> chance that the first person view of the Helsinki Man will be a view ONLY
>> of Helsinki because otherwise the first person view of the Helsinki Man
>> would not be the first person view of the Helsinki man.
> > This is uncontraversially, one might say trivially correct,

I would have thought so too, but however trivial it may be for reasons I
don't understand most on this list are unable to grasp this simple truth.

> but it doesn't refute anything about the first person indeterminacy,

I don't know what indeterminacy you're talking about. LizR may not be able
to predict what LizR sees next, but as far as personal identity is
concerned that is irrelevant because whatever LizR sees LizR will still
feel like LizR.

  John k Clark

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