On 07 Oct 2013, at 19:38, John Clark wrote:

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 3:50 AM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> > Rhetorical tricks my ass! These are details of profound importance simply glossed over with the slapdash use of personal pronouns. And that's pretty damn sloppy for a mathematician.

> That's again an unconvincing rhetorical tricks. Be specific please.

Bruno, are you trying to convince people that I haven't made DOZENS of specific complaints about your sloppy use of personal pronouns that is unacceptable in a world with duplicating chambers?

I have introduced the duplicating chamber to explain the difference of the 1-I and 3-I, and all I got from you where that is pee-pee stuff.
people can verify: you have not produced any specific complain.

On the contrary you have pretended that it is like antic throw of a coin, but that was exactly my point.

You are stuck in a denying psychological state.

Are you saying I've never asked "Who the hell is "he" ?" and gotten no reply?

I have always replied. Always. You have ignored the answer, and never comment them, except sometimes with your "pee-pee" vocabulary.

If duplicating chambers were not involved then it would indeed be ridiculous nit picking, but NOT if they do exist. In your thought experiments typically "the guy" is duplicated so now there are TWO,

Like in Everett QM self-superposition, but then you should condemn, as Quentin told you more than once, the use of probability in QM.

and then

Le us not mix the experiment that e are comparing.

"the guy" flips a coin and you demand to know what the ONE and only ONE result that "the guy" will see. And this is not just ridiculous it is logically inconsistent.

If a guy throws a coin, he will see only one outcome among two possible.



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