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 >> I agree that if that one bit of information that they both see is not
>> identical then the 2 men are no longer identical either and it becomes
>> justified to give them different names.
> > Ok, so you then also have to agree that John Clark 1 second ago is not
> identical to John Clark 2 seconds ago


> But things would get a bit confusing if I started calling you Mary Sue
> now.


> > Both you and external observers agree that you are still John Clark.


> Either you claim that teleportation is fundamentally different from time
> passing in generating new John Clarks, or you don't.


> Which one is it?

I do.

> I suspect you think they are the same

No, your prediction failed. I think the 2 things are fundamentally
different because the John Clark of one second ago and the John Clark of
right now will never meet, so there is no confusion and separate names are
not needed to avoid confusion and pronouns cause no trouble. But with
duplicating chambers the 2 John Clarks could meet and stand right next to
each other, and if you were to say "I like John Clark but I don't like John
Clark" your meaning might be clear in your mind but you would need to
change your language if you wanted to communicate the idea to others. And
the place to start would be to be careful with pronouns and give one of the
John Clarks, it doesn't matter which one, the nickname Mary Sue. True, John
Clark might not like it, but a lot of people don't like their nickname.

> > I also predict an attempt to avoid answering the question directly

That prediction has also failed but you still feel like Telmo Menezes
because predictions, right or wrong, have nothing to do with identity; you
feel like Telmo Menezes because you remember being Telmo Menezes yesterday
and for no other reason.

   Marry Sue (aka John K Clark)

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