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>> As I said before there is a profound difference between the two. After
>> Everett's thought experiment is over only ONE person is seen by a third
>> party so it's easy to determine who "you" is and easy to determine if
>> predictions about what "you" will see were right or wrong, but with Bruno's
>> thought experiment TWO people can be clearly seen that have a equal right
>> to the title "you" which means that the predictions about what "you" will
>> see are useless. And another difference is that Everett was talking about
>> prediction and probability, and neither has anything to do with identity or
>> a sense of self. [...]  In Everett's case we know who "you" is, it's the
>> only fellow we see. In Bruno's case right now we see 2 people clear as a
>> bell and both are called "you" and both saw different things, and that
>> makes meaningless the question asked yesterday "what is the probability
>> "you" will see X?".  [...]  The diary is useless because the diary was
>> written by "you" and contains predictions about the further adventures of
>> "you", but now there are 2 (or more) people with the title "you" and no way
>> to determine which one the diary was referring to.  And the diary is
>> useless because good predictions have no more to do with identity or a
>> sense of self than bad predictions.
> > So are you at last ready to reject MWI...? if you don't, you are not
> consistent

The following is a flow diagram of the conversation we've been having on
this thread:

Step 1: Quentin Anciaux states that John Clark treats Everett's ideas and
Bruno's ideas inconsistently.

Step 2: John Clark points out the ways Everett's ideas about probability
and prediction and Bruno's ideas about the nature of self are fundamentally

Step 3: Quentin Anciaux neither agrees nor disagrees with John Clark's

Step 4: Quentin Anciaux inserts one or more personal insults directed at
John Clark.

Step 5: GOTO step 1.

   John k Clark

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