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> Actually it doesn't seem hard to make an atomic bomb if you have the
> materials.

Yes, if you had some Plutonium or U235 and knew a little about chemical
explosives and how to cast metals you could make a A-bomb. Going from there
to using X-rays to evenly compress and heat deuterium and lithium to
produce a H-bomb would not require more exotic materials (you can buy
deuterium on E-bay) just more knowledge, but you can get most of that on
the internet too.

> > It's kind of surprising no one has done so (or stolen one for ransom, as
> per "Thunderball".)

Yes, if you told me the day after Nagasaki that another such bomb would not
be used in anger for at least 70 years I would have said you were
hopelessly naive, and yet that is what happened. I would also have been
surprised to know that the second half of the 20'th century was far less
bloody than the firs halft. Although much maligned I think it's safe to say
that up to now at least nuclear weapons have saved far more lives than they

  John K Clark

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