On 26 November 2013 10:49, John Mikes <jami...@gmail.com> wrote:

> As part of that endless back-and-forth into Hinduistic Blackholes and
> Bohr's GR (!!) Bruno wrote:
> *"We have no "perfect" democracy, but an imperfect democracy is still
> better than a tyranny. Then we have been blind and tolerate prohibition
> laws which change, slowly but surely, democracy into corporatist-tyranny,
> and that can only lead to catastrophes for all. "*
> Did you read it? you just said the beginning's opposite at the end. I
> don't condone a "little bit tyrannic" democracy, the ruling of the FEW
> (rich owners) over the MANY (employed wage-earners).
> Voting is a hoax. A cabdidate lies during the campaign and formulates his
> views into programs LESS controversial to many than would be the total
> program, so he can BUY votes from the uninformed.  The voters take (some)
> compromise to avoid those candidates who are MORE controversial to their
> interest.
>  Concerning  *G U N S - *you are lucky enough not to live in a country
> with gun-abuse.
> *:"We should not prohibit guns either (although we could enforce serious
> regulations, and try to avoid selling efficacious automated guns to
> neurotic kids).*
> *In principle, I am in favor of the personal atomic bomb (take this with
> some amount of grains of salt)."*
> It is not the* 'neurotic kids'. *the killer gun-users use often stolen
> guns, or just buy them with a CLEAN background check:  B E F O R E they get
> a 'background'. E.g. Daddy has a lot of guns and the 6 year old steals one
> (a loaded one) to shoot his friend - or mother. It is not a prohibition!
> Both "legal" and "illegal" guns kill. (I hate to include here the military:
> as long as there are wars, the use of guns has an aura for 'hero' killers -
> they get medals. Sais a 'surviver' fighter member of the anti-Nazi
> underground in Europe in WWII). When I was first in the USA (Sabbatical
> 1965-66) a friend loaned us his car in California with the warning to be
> careful: when passing someone on the highway: he may take out his gun and
> shoot me.
> Those "serious regulations' you mentioned are out of question: the
> super-wealthy gun lobby would not allow them to pass. The NRA (National
> Murder Association) makes lots of profit on gun-users.
> Liz??????

I think I agree with everything you have said here. (Well, maybe I'm not
sure about the first line at the top!)

PS What I said about tyrants being less able to operate was concerned with
the obvious ones like Stalin. Now the wheel turns and we get "stealth
tyranny" utilising hi-tech -- which may end up as bad in the long run, if
not stopped.

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