On 03 Dec 2013, at 22:57, John Mikes wrote:

Bruno, I expected better from you. You seem to restrict the unlimited possibilities into the PRESENT limitations of our imagination.

I seem to restrict, but comp is an assumption of finiteness, which augment the unlimited possibilities. "Non comp" is what limits the possibility. Little things go through *more* holes than big things. I am only "more open minded" on the unlimited possible relation between machines and truth.

Do you have any support for the exclusivity of computationalism over ALL (so far maybe not even thought about) systems that MAY

You talk like if I was believing in comp, or defending that comp is true. I don't do that at all.

Do you have support for YOUR version of "consciousness" as the ONLY possible input for "Matter" (as we THINK of it TODAY?)

I don't understand.

And: I have no idea what would you cover by YOUR truth?

I have no pretension at all on any truth.

I explain two things:

- 1) IF we are machine, THEN physics IS a branch of numbers bio-psycho- theology (a part of arithmetic).

-2) and this makes the assumption (of being a machine) refutable, as I provide a constructive means to derive physics from arithmetic.

1) is given by the Universal Dovetailer Argument (UDA), and 2) is provided by the translation of the UDA in arithmetic (AUDA, the universal machine interview).

May be it is the human lack of imagination of some of the humans of today which prevents them to listen to the machines of today, and to see that they saw what Plato and the mystics seems to have seen too.



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