On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 10:12 AM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote

> >> How many unique 1-views from 1-view are there on planet Earth right
> now?
> Bruno Marchal's answer: Bruno Marchal refuses to answer.
> > I answered this two times already. The answer is 1.

At last a straight answer, the answer is 1. So there is only one unique
1-view from the 1-view on planet Earth right now; that is to say if a one
to one correspondence was attempted between the infinite set of UNIQUE
integers and the set of all the UNIQUE 1-views from the 1-view on planet
Earth right now only ONE such pairing can be made. So the set of all UNIQUE
one views of the one view has only 1 element in it. Well who is this "one",
who is he, what's his name? I'd love to meet him (or her), can you
introduce me?

>  infinitely many 1-views are all unique from their 1-view.

Yet another straight answer, this time the answer is infinity;
unfortunately it's a very different answer to the exact same question. So
is the answer 1 or infinity or your previous answer of 7 billion?

> OK?

No, that is very far from OK.

> So what about step 7?

I don't see why anybody should read step 7 of your "proof" when it has
already been demonstrated that you throw around terms like "the 1-view from
the 1-view" that you can't put a number to. If you can't put a number to it
you have no clear understanding of it.

  John K Clark

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