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Dear Bruno,

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On 28 December 2013 19:31, Stephen Paul King <stephe...@provensecure.com > wrote:
Computed how? By what?

I know the answer to this one! To quote Brent -- "He proposes to dispense with any physical computation and have the UD exist via arithmetical realism as an abstract, immaterial computation."

Assuming comp, there is not much choice in the matter. That is the point.

I will agree.

Above the substitution level: interaction between universal machines, including one apparently sustained from below the substitution level by the statistical interference between infinities of universal machines getting your actual states.

But the "actual states" are not just some random string from my point of view!

Nor for me. They are state brought by some computation above the S- level, and supported by infinitely many computation below the S-level. The result is indeterminate, but not itself random. In The WM- duplication, the result is indeterminate or random, but W or M themselves are not random.

The very fact that we can (somewhat) communicate is an important fact. There is a selection mechanism: interaction.

That's part of the problem. Showing this.

I don't know how to avoid those infinities without reifying some God- of-the-gap or Matter-of-the-gap notion to singularize a computation for consciousness, but if that is needed for consciousness, then comp is false.

Umm, that is a false choice! The FPI is good enough to "do the job" without resorting to a 'god/matter in the gap" solution. The singularization of consciousness is easy, as you have shown.

No it is not! There is a lot of work to be done before we have a realm in which words like "interaction" can make sense.

It is the concurrent interaction problem that is not easy.

So let us concentrate on what is more easy first.

I cannot exactly predict your actions and thus can only "bet" on your future states, but I can constrain your possible choices of action with my physical behaviors even if the physical world is an illusion. The fact that it is a common and persistent illusion makes it a ground of commonality from which we can distinguish ourselves 3- p wise from each other.

We cannot use physics.

True, you still survive with a digital brain, but no more through comp, it is true from comp + some explicit magic to make disappear the other realities. You get an irrefutable form of cosmic solipsism.

There is no magic here, there is the SAT problem. Boolean algebras do not automatically pop out with global consistency over their arguments/propositions. One has to actually physically "run" a physical world to know what it will do. Claiming that it exists in Platonia is not a solution.

No, it is a problem. And thanks to the work done, it is (with comp) a problem in arithmetic. That is the result.



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