On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 5:29 AM, Bruno Marchal <> wrote:

> The simulation is locally finite, and the comp-physics is necessarily
>> infinite (it emerges from the 1p indeterminacy on the whole UD*), so, soon
>> or later, he will bet that he is in a simulation (or that comp is wrong).
> An interesting answer! I wonder what Brent will say.
> Yes, and Terren.

I think the answer is more complex than that. The simulation is locally
finite, but so are all simulations. There is still FPI going on in the
"rogue" simulation - the one where Glak emerges from an
alternative-physics, as there are infinite continuations from Glak's
state(s) in the alternative physics.

The reason I am still unsure of your answer here Bruno is that I can
imagine a scenario where Glak is implemented in an alternative physics -
that is to say, knows herself as Glak and has memories of being Glak - but
Glak is not able to be implemented in "our" physics. For example, in the
alternative physics world, Glak's psychology is embodied in a completely
different kind of biology, a biology that is not compatible with our
physics. Now by comp, Glak's mind can be uploaded to a simulation running
in our physics, but it is no longer clear which measure is more probable.
It seems possible to me that Glak's measure is greatest in the alternative


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