Dear LizR,

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> On 19 January 2014 16:28, Stephen Paul King <>wrote:
>> Dear Brent,
>> On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 10:05 PM, meekerdb <> wrote:
>>>  Not so cotton-picking fast! Where is discussion of the proofs of said
>>> "necessarily true" maths? I could be handed a papyrus scroll covered with
>>> indecipherable chicken scratch and need to find a way to "prove" that it is
>>> a theory of Green Eggs and Ham. How do I get that proof?
>>   What about math theories whose equations are relations between
>> ginormous prime numbers and I have to factor them to extract a proof of
>> this or that statement in the theory? Are they necessarily true? Truth does
>> not come from a fancy looking stamp marked QED by Professor Ultimum
>> Mentalium. No.
> Well, AR *postulates* that there is something out there, and that human
> mathematicians are discovering it. (And that whether we can do it or not is
> irrelevant to the fact of its existence.)
> Similarly, physics postulates that there is something out there, which we
> are discovering. The evidence in both cases involves whether the
> "something" can surprise us, or produce unexpected results. But it's all
> hypothetical, of course.
> I am OK with postulating, but it is something like an observer that is
performing the postulating. Similarly, it is assumed that a person that can
understand the Doctor's hypothesis that can bet that the Doc is correct and
say, "Yes!"

  Can a theorem speculate on its own substitution level? If so, How?

Kindest Regards,

Stephen Paul King

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