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> *If IGUS or ETI exist elsewhere, I would argue that probably there are
> scaling limits to the powers such beings are able to control. The universe
> has matter in it, but it has an average density of 10^{-29}g/cm^3,*

Yes, if you picked an average cubic meter of space in the universe it would
only have about one hydrogen atom in it, but that's irrelevant because the
space near stars is very very far from average.
​ ​
Jupiter alone has enough matter to make a Dyson Sphere, especially if the
sphere's radius was considerably less than the Earth's orbital radius, and
ET would probably pick that design. The efficiency of solar cells increases
in more intense sunlight,  some existing solar photovoltaic installations
use a mirror or a Fresnel lens
​ ​
to concentrate sunlight to up to 900 times normal earth intensity and aim
it at a solar cell. One Dyson Sphere would produce 33 trillion times more
energy than the entire human race uses now, and it would keep producing it
for billions of years. And there is no reason ET couldn't make billions of
Dyson Spheres in a very short amount of time, astronomically speaking. And
yet we see nothing.

> *​> ​and the overwhelming percentage of matter in dense configurations is
> in stars that are hot and hard to access.*

​ET wouldn't even want to access the matter in stars because that's the
source of the very power  they're ​trying to get at.

> ​>
> *Even tearing up planets for materials is hard and energy intensive.*

Energy is not a problem, there is plenty of energy available near stars but
you're right it's hard, at least its hard to do right now because we don't
have Drexler style Nanotechnology, but we don't have it because some law of
physics forbids it, we don't have it simply because of lack of engineering
skill. But new skills can be acquired.  Brain surgery isn't hard if you
know how and once we have Nanotechnology
​ ​
building a Dyson Sphere will no longer be hard.

> ​>
> *I would argue there are simply scaling limits to the control or abilities
> of intelligent beings.*

​You haven't argued it you've simply stated it.

John K Clark​

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