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> ​> ​You and other skeptics should be demanding release of material from which 
> Project Mogul balloons were made,
>  ​We already know what they were make of, surplus junk from a toy company. 
> ​From: ​
> http://muller.lbl.gov/teaching/physics10/Roswell/USMogulReport.html 
> <http://muller.lbl.gov/teaching/physics10/Roswell/USMogulReport.html>
> ​"One of the most puzzling aspects of the reports that a "UFO" crashed near 
> Corona in 1947 were the later descriptions of "hieroglyphic-like" characters 
> by seemingly reliable, firsthand witnesses. Research has revealed that the 
> debris found on the ranch and displayed in General Ramey's office probably 
> did have strange characters. These, however, were not hieroglyphics, but 
> figures printed on the pinkish-purple tape used to construct the radar 
> targets used by the NYU group.
> The witnesses have recalled small pink/purple "flowers" that appeared to be 
> some sort of writing that couldn't be deciphered. These figures were printed 
> on tape that sealed the seams of the of the radar target. The radar targets, 
> sometimes called corner reflectors, had been manufactured during or shortly 
> after World War II, and due to shortages, the manufacturer, a toy company, 
> used whatever resources were available. This toy company used plastic tape 
> with pink/purple flowers and geometric designs in the construction of its 
> toys and, in a time of shortage, used it on the government contract for the 
> corner reflectors.
> Allegations have also been made that the debris displayed to the press on 
> July 8 and subsequently photographed was not the original wreckage; i.e., a 
> switch had occurred sometime after the debris left Roswell AAF.​ However, 
> statements made by Moore and Trakowski attested that the corner reflectors 
> they launched during that period had the same flowers and figures that were 
> later reported by Marcel, Cavitt, and Brazel as being on the debris found on 
> the Foster ranch in Corona.
> In fact, Trakowski distinctly remembered the figures on the tape because, 
> when the targets first were produced, much fanfare was made over the use of a 
> toy manufacturer for production. He related that a fellow USAAF officer, John 
> E. Peterson, monitored the procurement of the targets and "thought it was the 
> biggest joke in the world that they had to go to a toy manufacturer" to make 
> the radar targets and an "even a bigger joke when. the reflecting material on 
> the balsa frames was some kind of a pinkish purple tape with hearts and 
> flowers​"
> ​> ​if for no other reason than to finally put the Roswell crash scenario to 
> bed.
> ​Crackpot conspiracy can never EVER be put to bed, they were not created by 
> logic so logic can not destroy them. 

I agree with John.

> John K Clark 
> Conspiracy ideas have a strange life of their own. People to this day still 
> entertain ideas about grassy knolls and inside jobs with the JFK 
> assassination. 9/11 conspiracy ideas are not as present these days, but still 
> alive and well. These things only diminish over time if they cease to be 
> relevant to most people.  It is related to the reason religions have a great 
> longevity. 
> If you look deeper, you will see some of what underlies the 911 conspiracy. 
> CNN was videotaping when the second impact occurred, on Tower 1 IIRC. The 
> video clearly shows a flash of white light at the moment of impact. Some 
> people claim it's evidence of an incendiary device onboard, and thus a 
> conspiracy. How would you explain it? I can, without a conspiracy. My point 
> here is not to glibly dismiss conspirators as crackpots. There are often 
> rational thoughts and analysis underlying most conspiracies. AG 

I agree with Grayson. It is just that there are fake and real conspiracies. The 
conspiracy on Hemp was, and still is, a real conspiracy. We have all the 
details on who, why, how, when, etc. Jack Herer’s book remains the best 

For 9/11 I do not believe that 2 crash planes can lead to three chef-d’oeuvre 
of control demolition, but when I am saying this, people conclude that I claim 
it was an inside job. I don’t believe that either: it was an outside job, but 
well planned in advance, and I guess some Americans could have helped, but it 
could be saurians also. The Gist reports admit not having done an inquest on 
possible accomplices on the ground. They, there is no conspiracy, but hard to 
believe something is not recovered.

> The argument over Sagan is interesting. I was at a meeting where he attended, 
> though I had no close contact with him. I don't think he gave much quarter to 
> the idea of UFOs and space aliens. He even said they appeared to be an aspect 
> of inner space or the mind rather than outer space. 
> I've sometimes entertained the idea that Sagan strongly disbelieved in alien 
> visitations primarily because he was never personally contacted. Surely if 
> they were in contact with humans, wouldn't he be the first to be contacted? 
> AG 

If von Neumann calculation of the probability of emerging life is correct and 
thus infinitesimal, then, we are in a rare branch of the universal wave, and 
the probability to meet Alien might be very small. But I have not th expertise 
to really judge von Neumann argument, so, about alien, I am rather agnostic.


> LC
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