The have "controlled" deer hunts in Princeton, NJ (about 20 miles from where I 
live) every year.  They claim it's for the safety of the residents.   They also 
claim that we are overpopulated.  Which is hogwash -- humans took over their 
natural habitat, so we kill them just to thin out the herd?  Puh-leeze.  Ticks 
me off.  They send snipers and sharpshooters to kill them with bolt-like 
bullets.   They make a big thing out of it every year on the NJ talk radio.   
Those people in Princeton are more concerned with how their lawns look than 
they are about the deer -- and yet they shop at Whole Earth Center and won't 
eat anything that isn't organic.  Hypocrites.

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  Actually, the deer aren't responsible for overpopulation; they are "managed"
  for maximum sustained yield, for only one reason: to supply better hunting
  opportunities and revenues from hunting license fees. If they were left
  alone, their numbers would be normal, and just enough to fill the biological
  carrying capacity of an area that can sustain their numbers. And, yet, you
  always hear: Isn't it kinder to kill them than to let them starve?  Then why
  would they want such skinny deer?  Because they really care only about that
  rack, and a few lbs of meat are irrelevant.

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  It just breaks my heart when we lived in Austin, Tx that there were so many
  deer starving, they would shoot them rather than feed them. In fact, I
  worked for a CPA that would litterally climb a tree and have a pile of corn
  on the ground, wait for the deer to start eating and shoot it. It made me
  sick and I certainly gave him my opinion on it. Deer are such beautiful
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  > On 09-12, dot winkler wrote:
  >>    Hysterical!   L.O.L.  I love it.  The thing is, yes, some of them hunt
  >>    and actually use the meat - smoke it, make sausage with it (yuck!). At
  >>    least  they  are  eating the deer.  But the thing is, the animal is so
  >>    beautiful  a creature to behold and so delicate.   How can anyone have
  >>    the  heart  to  kill  them?  They are graceful and grace our woods and
  >>    lands.   To  see one in your yard is a special and breathtaking sight.
  >>    I don't see how anyone could do it.
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  > I could never kill a deer.  Many deer come to our yard, and they are 
  > so beautiful.  Last winter some bastard shot the leg off one of them.
  > It was right at the knee and it was just dangling for weeks. Finally 
  > it dropped off and thankfully it never got infected.  She still comes 
  > to our house, and still keeps up with her group.  She's an amazing, 
  > brave little doe and we call her "Tripod".
  > Lorrie
  > Tripod and she
  > in
  > our yard
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