You shoulda hid behind a car, strewn a few dollar bills on the ground, then
when he came over to pick them up -- BAM! -- baseball bat to the butt! you 'wish' you coulda!

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It just breaks my heart when we lived in Austin, Tx that there were so many
deer starving, they would shoot them rather than feed them. In fact, I
worked for a CPA that would litterally climb a tree and have a pile of corn
on the ground, wait for the deer to start eating and shoot it. It made me
sick and I certainly gave him my opinion on it. Deer are such beautiful
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> On 09-12, dot winkler wrote:
>>    Hysterical!   L.O.L.  I love it.  The thing is, yes, some of them hunt
>>    and actually use the meat - smoke it, make sausage with it (yuck!). At
>>    least  they  are  eating the deer.  But the thing is, the animal is so
>>    beautiful  a creature to behold and so delicate.   How can anyone have
>>    the  heart  to  kill  them?  They are graceful and grace our woods and
>>    lands.   To  see one in your yard is a special and breathtaking sight.
>>    I don't see how anyone could do it.
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> I could never kill a deer.  Many deer come to our yard, and they are 
> so beautiful.  Last winter some bastard shot the leg off one of them.
> It was right at the knee and it was just dangling for weeks. Finally 
> it dropped off and thankfully it never got infected.  She still comes 
> to our house, and still keeps up with her group.  She's an amazing, 
> brave little doe and we call her "Tripod".
> Lorrie
> Tripod and she
> in
> our yard
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