I agree.  PETA does not have too good a record themselves.  This man simply got 
in over his head and did not know how to solve the problem.  I also agree about 
those who tortue.  There was a man in the St. Louis area who adopted puppies 
and kittens and then trtured them to death.  He kept them alive as long as 
possible so he could enjoy their sufering.  If I had my way, this man would 
have been shot on site.  I was called for jury duty on an animal cruelty case.  
They asked me if I had an opinion on the case.  I said shot the sob.  They 
didn't call me for that jury.

---- GRAS <g...@optonline.net> wrote: 
> When I first saw a video about this ranch a few years ago, I wondered how
> anyone could possible keep track of and care for so many cats, especially
> when there's absolutely no control over them, in all those little houses (no
> matter how cute they are), no central feeding place, etc. I am not really
> surprised!  However, the fact that PETA is involved, worries me a bit..for
> several reasons. Natalie
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