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On Nov 26, 2007 5:21 PM, William Allen Simpson
> http://developer.apple.com/...

A better reference is

> > ... Because the times
> > I've done translation it's almost impossible to know what you should
> > use as a shortcut key. I think in most cases it might not be a good
> > idea to add shortcut keys.
> >
> Actually, *every* action needs a shortcut key, so that disabled users can
> select them without a mouse.

Perhaps, but there is such a thing as to many shotcut keys or buttons,
but I'm sure someone has discussed this to death on some mailinglist
somwhere.  but the popup city button seems kind of stupid anyways,
typical thing you would remove if you love GNOME hig.

Ha! I just spent the weekend with a guy working with SUN on a 3 year
Gnome accessiblity project. But we aren't using Gnome.

> > Further I think Escape should be used to access the map, it's the most
> > important of all the shortcut keys but is the most awkward to use.
> > Pluss that would also free up alt-m.
> >
> Escape is *always* cancel.

Yes, but it can be used and it's kind of logical, we can still keep
the 'm' key, you don't want to grab the tab key. ESC works for;
Dialogs just close the dialog and bring up the last used tab, tabs
(e.g. city list) you just switch to the map tab

So ESC works great for bringing up the map.


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