Yann Leboulanger wrote:
> Here I am, back from some days without the internet :)
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>>>  Will Gajim apply on its own or will Gajim-related projects be mentored
>>>>  under the umbrella of the XMPP Standards Foundation again this year?
>>>>  (Assuming the XSF is accepted... :)
> Don't we need a real assiciation structure to apply as an organisation? 
> So indeed this year I was thinking about being in XMPP's umbrella. Do 
> you think Gajim should apply on its own Peter? Maybe for next year?

No, we'll continue to use the XSF for this, I think. The XSF has the
organizational infrastructure to handle this, plus this way I'm the only
one who has to deal wtih all the stupid admin stuff. :)

>> I think it would be great to have an implementation of SXE whiteboarding
>> in Psi and an implementation in Gajim!
> +1, if all clients implement the same protocol, that would be much better !
>> Unfortunately, we have competing proposals for whiteboarding over XMPP.
>> The XMPP Council needs to decide how to proceed. The "least-worst"
>> solution may be for the XSF to publish both as informational specs and
>> "let the market decide" about the best approach. If both Psi and Gajim
>> support the SXE approach (I think they are the two most popular
>> Jabber-only clients) then that would be part of the market
>> decision-making process. ;-)
> At the begining I thought Mateusz could help you to write the XEP, but 
> in fact it seems it is already written. XSF needs to take a decision, 
> and in that, he can't help.

Correct. :|

>>>>  > * test framework: some sort of automated tests to test features in
>>>>  > Gajim to avoid regressions
>>>>  Important, but kind of boring. But maybe you get excited about it. :) I
>>>>  think it's important to work on something that excites you, not just
>>>>  something that would be good for the community. Yes it's hard to balance
>>>>  those things sometimes...
>>> I thought of including automatic GUI testing stuff in it so it would
>>> be more fun. But yes - writing tests might be boring :]
> Indeed, automatic GUI testingwould be nice too: we can't test all 
> features of gajim everyday.
>>>>  > * plugin system
>>>>  Plugins are always cool. :)
>>> I'll probably write sth longer later, but in short this would include
>>> help with reorganizing how events work (there's a ticket for this
>>> already), and creating some hooks in gui (main menu, roster, chat
>>> window, context menu). IBM's Sametime has a pretty good documentation
>>> on it as they have generalized Sametime in version 7.5 and build a
>>> pretty nice framework. I've developed plugin for it during my
>>> internship at IBM so I have some experience in plugins system in
>>> (commercial) IM client.
> That's something we plan in a near futur (after 0.12 release) to be able 
> ton configure the way events are handled more smartly (buddy pounces)
>>>>  > * BOSH thing
>>>>  IMHO BOSH will become more widespread (we hope to launch it soon at
>>>>  jabber.org once we install ejabberd 2.0.0 on a new machine) so support
>>>>  for it in Gajim would be great.
>>> You mean XMPP over BOSH?
>> Yes. But perhaps Gajim already includes support for this somewhere in SVN?
> No we don't have anything about that yet.
>>>>  Other projects I think are interesting (I am not sure if Gajim already
>>>>  supports these, my apologies if it does -- I'm a Psi user but would be
>>>>  happy to test Gajim on the Mac once that port is stable):
>>>>  - support for link-local messaging (XEP-0174)
> We already have that.

True, I remember seeing Gajim users on link-local networks at the devcon. :)

>  >>>  - support for PEP (XEP-0163)
> We have that in SVN. Next release will have that.

Cool. It should be deployed at jabber.org soon with ejabberd 2.0.

>>>>  - support for message archiving (XEP-0136) -- this may be one of the
>>>>  community's priorities for 2008
>>> And it might be a really great project to implement for GSoC. I'm
>>> personally interested in making this work in Gajim ASAP as I use
>>> multiple OSes.
> We don't have that, and that would be a cool project too.

Kevin Smith said that Psi will be working on that before long.

>> BTW, all reports are that Asterix is a great mentor so I hope you can
>> find a project that will be accepted!
> Thank's Peter :)



Peter Saint-Andre

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