Hi Dark,

For an honest opinion on whether Usa games should write If though, to be honest Tom, your one of the very few people with the knowhow to create actual audio games. While I'm sure you could come up with some great If, as there are literally thousands of If games available, but a distinct lack of audio games (especially in certain genre areas), I'd personally suggest that your tallents could be more usefully employed
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Well, I wasn't suggesting that I would quit making audio games altogether. More this would be a little side project to crank out in between big audio game productions like Tomb Hunter, Raceway, and other projects I have on the things to do list. It would just be a fun thing to do for, well, for fun.

On the other hand, if you were planning something multimedia, custom programmed as opposed to one of the standard If languages, ---- perhaps a sort of interactive fiction in audio (the sort of thing Chillingham should have been), then I think
it's a great idea.
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I was not planning on using any of the interactive fiction languages like Inform Tads, etc. I was definitely planning on something custom that was both multi-platform and far more into roll playing with stats, races, multiple adventures, etdc. As far as audio goes I wasn't planning on using audio with the game, but it could be done. The only issue is finding all the sound effects required for the various monsters and characters in the game. I was hoping to go full Dungions and Dragons RPG with various classes, creatures, and many adventures. Obviously initial versions would not have that many adventures but it would be an ongoing project with new adventures being added as I think them up or if people submit ideas for the game.

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