Well to do something like Eaman I'd have to add a parcer to the game and then it would be like building my own inform, tads, etc scripting language which is a major pain. About the best thing I could do is release the game under some type of open source license like creative commons that would allow C/C++ developers to add to the games over all story if they desired. Either that or people could submit there quests/adventures to me and I'd include them into the game as I get time. in fact, I fully hope to be able to do that to expand the adventures in the future.

dark wrote:
Hi Tom.

as I said earlier, i'd deffinately be in favor of that sort of project, and think it would be a great thing to have submitted, ----- particularly if you could include mechanics unique to an offline system, such as more random encounter elements and dynamic context based story.

I assumed when you first mentioned creating If you were talking about writing in inform or similar, hence my initial reluctance to the idea.

But as you can imagine, now you've explained a bit more I'm all for it!

In fact, as reguards creating adventures, it might be sort of fun to have a platform similar to the eamon system where people could submit their own adventures to the game to be accessed from a central llocale, ----- though this migh involve more work in the genre creation end of things than you might wish to put in for a "fun" project, allbeit one which will be "fun" for all concerned, players included I think, lol!

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