That was what I meant, but it very much depends upon the way you want to go.

if you did it that way you could do the Eamon thing about having your character adventure in any place, any time, any circumstances that you could imagine.

The alternative is doing things Sryth style, having one single world and history, with various adventures scattered through it which a player could access by talking to npcs or going to various locations.

On the down side this limits you to one world and setting, ---- but on the up side this limits you to one world and setting which you can then explore in depth, complete with stories recurring plot elements, npcs you do jobs for etc, ---- though obviously you have to have your completion of the adventures effect the world as it does in Sryth.

If it were my decision I'd go for the second option just because I'm a back story and plot fiend, but that one might be harder to program and update sinse you would need to not only write the adventure, but also tack it on to the appropriate part of the world, and say how it modifies any other parts of the world upon completion.

Obviously if you defeat the famous pirates of rumswigger, you want the town where the pirates were doing all their carousing to remember that in future.

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