Hi Tom.

That is what I mean by a similar structure to Sryth, a large overview world with adventures set in it, which modify the world in general.

Sryth is of course not the only game to have that sort of system, any good tabletop will work like that, as have some of the mainstream games that actually have modular adventures created for them such as never winter nights.

Nor was I really intending the plot or mythos of the game to be much like Sryth either, ---- in fact if (as you said), you were including multiple playable intelligent races, then the world would have to be different.

Just as a general comment, one thing I've always wanted to see in fantasy is a world with magic, dwarves elves etc, but the economic situation and approximate technology of the early 19th century.

That means a few fire arms but with a laughably slow relode wrate, ---- a rifleman was considdered legendary if he could pull of four shots a minute), a lot of economic expantion and conflicts with other nations for teretory to conquer, ---- in fact the hole inferior races card has some rather interesting plot potential.

An aristocracy who are stil powerful, but who are being challenged by a lot of incredibly wealthy merchants. then of course there is the hole inventions and possibly technomancy plots, with the old style mages not being pleased at this debasement of their art.

This is just a thought, sinse the hole roughly medaeval structure in fantasy has been rather done to death, and you did say this was supposed to be brain storming.

Beware the Grue!


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