Hi Michael,
No, what I currently have in mind would not require any guess work as far as commands and special frazes goes unless it was a password to unlock something in an adventure. By and large I plan to use a universal command structure such as typing the word "save" in the command entry box would save your present location/adventure. Another command like "load" would restore your adventure to the last checkpoint. Other commands like quit, help, etc would be equally obvious. In other cases you might be displayed a list of options or possible actions for that screen like this.

You are standing in the town square.
What would you like to do?

Visit the Church (c)
Visit the Graveyard (g)
Visit the Hotel (h)
Visit the Pub (p)
Other Adventures for this Location (a)
Travel Elsewhere (t)
Enter your choice...

Pressing one of the letters followed by enter would then take you to the church, graveyard, hotel, pub, etc. It all would be fairly easy to understand. If you wanted to do something else such as get your stats typing something like "stats" would show your current stats.


I do not mind something like you mentioned. As long as it does not turn into
the old fashion truly boring and totally frustrating text adventure where
you have to think of the verb or adjective to use to make a movement. I have
tried those in the past and I give up after a little while. Maybe it is
because I am not that bright or maybe it is because I don't want to put that
much thought into it. Just don't like those type of games.

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