Hi Lukas,
Smile. Well, with Mac OS X sudden growth in popularity, Ubuntu Linux now firmly rated the third desktop PC operating system world wide, etc it only makes sense that software companies are migrating to cross platform software design. One reason Mozilla's Firefox web browser has taken the web browser market by storm is simply because it is practically supported on every computer in the world. Weather you run a Mac, Windows PC, have a Linux PC, own a surver with Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, etc there is a version of Firefox for you. The number of people using Firefox now is far greater than Internet Explorer which is proprietary and native to Windows platforms. Of course Firefox is open source, and has a wide comunity base. However, over the last two years or so I've seen a shift in polocy with commercial products as well. Just in access tech alone we have seen more and more access products such as text to speech systems go cross platform. I think it is atrend that could continue if companies such as Del continue to prromote Ubuntu Linux laptops and desktops along side there Windows Vista systems. Anyway, that trend isn't limited to sighted computer users. There is a small spike in blind computer users now looking at alternatives to Windows. i know of a handful of blind gamers on this list alone that have gone Mac. I know of even more on the Linux lists that have gone Linux for one reason or another. In both cases the one common problem they share is a lack of high quality games. Up until recently accessible gaming has been almost exclusively a Windows thing. As one of those computer users that use Linux quite a lot I myself want to see accessible games come to the Linux platform. So I have both the skill and the desire so why not do it?

Lukás Hosnedl wrote:
Wow, I didn't have a slightest clue that there were so many cross-platform engines out there. This is what results from ignorance and lack of interest or research. :-D But yeah, I see, it has more cons than pros for your purpose, so self-voicing is really gonna be a better choice. Not too many gamers would probably buy a voice along with the game itself. :-)

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