hi tohmas
if built into the game as additional option, I am all for it. I just would not be happy with a game that did not support keyboard as an option.
here on my pc I don't even have a mouse hooked up but I do own one. grin
i once tried a game on the net with mouse support and somehow always managed to lose track of where it (cursor) was and ran out of space on the desk here lol. but i understand what you are saying. since mota is not a three dimensional game controlling with a mouse would not be so hard I assume. so make it an option in the final game and I promise to try this :)
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Hi Chrissy,
It may be that many sighted games use it for aiming and shooting, but I can definitely say here that the mouse is a good input device for navigating around. In fact, it is not navigation that is the problem here with the mouse. I have basic navigation support in the game, that is disabled in the public beta, which works quite well. When it works you get a lot more precise and responsive results from the mouse. That's why I am interested in supporting it as well as a triditional keyboard. As far as being confused by the mouse I'm not really certain what you mean by that. In a game like Mysteries of the Ancients the mouse motion is very simple/straight forward. When you want to walk left drag the mouse left, drag the mouse right to walk right, push foward to climb, and pull back to decend. Use a left/right button to jump or run at the same time of moving in that direction and it should do it. However, it is the buttons that are giving me grief. If I can fix that issue I think most people would agree, once they tried it, that it would be a very good input alternative to the keyboard.

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