Hi Dark,
In my personal case I didn't need a lot of training or tootorials either. I guess I was just wired for understanding computers from an early age. I first used a computer around 1986, the legendary Apple A-2E, and went from there. I was usually able to figure out most things by experimenting with the computer and seeing what I could do with it. That desire to play with it, make the computer do what I want, lead to my interest in programming. Anyway, the only document that comes close to what Anthony and others like him might find useful is Personal Power by Michael Feir. Having read it I think it is a great introduction to basic accessible computing and what is out there for us as a blind computer user. Most people haven't a clue what they can do with a computer, and what is out there for them.

dark wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> Interested to read what you said about "training" sinse to be perfectly
> honest I never had any, I just worked things out as different things
> involving computers came up which I wanted to do.
> It started with brousing a Cd rom for the D&D 2nd edd rules when I was
> finishing secondary school, ---- sinse up until that point I'd only ever
> used ms word and my documents.
> Then, when I got to uni, I started on outlook express and using the net,
> ---- and I oh a lot of debt to the Hal version 5.1 manual for letting me
> know about basic concepts like list boxes, buttons, page refresh etc.
> In my second year in 2003, I discovered legend of the green dragon and a
> couple of other online games, as well as using winamp to play various
> formats of music and in my third year (in 2004), I discovered
> interactive fiction and mucked about downloading, installing and playing
> those.
> It wasn't really until 2006 that I started on audiogames, which also got
> me into the habbit of installing programs and components and such, ----
> not to mention finding out the background information about said
> programs by asking on forums, reading on the net, and having chats with
> some of my computer science studdying friends.
> the point of all this, is I wonder if it would be worth having a basic
> tutorial on audiogames.net, --- or another site, detailing some of the
> essentials of computer knolidge necessary to play audiogames, to answer
> the qu3estions of people like Antony, ---- and indeed myself three years
> ago.
> just a thought.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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