Hi Shaun,
Like I mentioned earlier it really comes down to a matter of logistics. It is one thing to create a side-scroller like Mysteries of the Ancients, and quite another when designing a detailed roll playing game. With a game like Mysteries of the ancients you have perhaps 14enemies on a level, most of a similar type or class, and equally as many special items. In terms of management that is a manageable amount of things to store in memory, and keep track of. Especially, since everything is pretty much standard throughout the entire game. With a fantasy game book style roll playing game such as Sryth there is much more to keep track of. Each and every weapon could be different in terms of stats, quality, and may or may not have magic powers. In a game like Mysteries of the Ancients you only have to worry about one sword. In a roll playing game there could be hundreds of swords ranging from short swords, long swords, to broad swords, and so on. They could be common, sturdy, well crafted, exceptional, magical, etc. You need to have a way to store all of that information without keeping it all in memory. The easiest way to do that is use a third-party database, and perform look ups when necessary. Yeah, I could technically do the same thing in an off line version, but it seams to be the more difficult way of handling it. Instead of a nice SQL database I store all of that info in a text file and open and read those files as necessary. It just seams to me to be a quick and dirty way of handling it without the advantages of a true database on hand.

shaun everiss wrote:
Well an online game is all and good, but I would probably take offline if I 
the main issue is that there are a load of capped connections, and going over 
that probably is not nice.
although in theory the php html games take vary little data I just thought I 
would point out that fact.
In the next few months or so its possible either my bill or speed will change 
depending on the ability of me to afford the unlimited connection I am 
currently on who's prices is set to rise from 50 to 60 dollars.
This may mean I will have to either reduce my connection to a capped one say 
25gb which is still a fair ammount but others use the system to or change to a 
cheaper isp which will probably have a smaller cap all in all I'd prefur some 
offline play to.

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