Hi Dark,
Regardless if I create the game as a stand alone game in C++ or create it as an online game I want to make it a single player game. I'm not really interested in creating a party or pvp type game at this point. As far as your idea of creating a universe with mixed technological skills that kind of reminds me of an author I sometimes read. I don't know if you have read any of Piers Anthony's books, but he often has an interesting way of mixing science fiction and fantacy into the same story. For example, in the Blue Adept Piers Anthony describes a world with two aspects. In one frame it is a high tech world with computers, androids, intersteller space travel, lasers, and anything else you would expect from a science fiction novel. In the other frame it is a fantacy type world complete with werewolves, unicorns, people use magic instead of technology, etc. Some people are able to pass between the two frames of existance. Thus the main character is able to be both active in a fantacy and science fiction story at the same time. Anyway, even big name science fiction stories like Star Wars do have a fantacy aspect to them as well. If you think about it Star Wars is something like a fantacy story set in a science fiction setting. Instead of magic you have the force. Instead of swords you have light sabers. Instead of knights waring armour you have storm troopers. A lot of the same principles apply. it is just that Star Wars is suppose to be futuristic instead of being set in ancient earth.

dark wrote:
As I said Tom, I certainly see the logic of the online approach, I just hope it can be kept single player the way Sryth originally was intended to be.

I would however love to see a scifi rp game giving you a hole galaxy to explore with different planets, quests separately on the various planets, flying a spaceship etc. Pluss, you have infinite expantion, especially if you made your universe similar to the Starwars or Dune universe with different amounts of technology found on different worlds, ---- you could have standard dungeon crawling with swords on one world, and high tech robot developement elsewhere.

Just my thoughts.

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