Minusing a save feature is good for some games--however, with a lot of other games the games are simply too long to not include a save feature. We have to account for the player having a life outside of the game as well. Plus, getting so far and then losing, and losing again and again because you failed to dodge ONE missile will get a lot of players frustrated. This is why with Three-D Velocity, for instance, a "save anywhere" feature will be available in the story mode.
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but that's the whole point, isn't it? of course there's risks involved with saving in redefined places. Sometimes I wish that in invincible tiger, you could save after every chapter or something, but you can't, and I'm glad for that, it makes the game a lot harder and more fun. what you guys don't realize is that if we have the ability to save anywhere in a game, we're most likely going to use it. it's an impulse thing. oh no I'm gonna lose! let me save. but if that temptation was removed by not having the feature at all, we'd enjoy the game more in the longrun.

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