When you think about it most games, books, movies, etc are inspired by previous works created by someone else. It is very rare to encounter a really unique or original idea for a book, movie, game, whatever. Let's take an author like Stephen King who is widely regarded as one of the greatest authors of horror and suspense of our time. Yet many of his works are inspired by something he has read, watched, etc. According to Stephen King himself Salem's Lot was inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula and the horror comics he read as a kid. His short story Home Delivery was in large part inspired by George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. The Dark Half is not exactly an original idea either. The idea that someone can be split into two individual people, one good one evil, is hardly new. Regardless how or why he got the inspiration he still can spin a good story out of it. In 1984 George Lucas released Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. This movie inspired a developer to create a game called Montezuma's Revenge which was later released by Parker Brothers. The developer admitted the inspiration for the game and his lead character Panama Joe were based on Temple of Doom. Years later Edos Interactive would release a famous series of games called Tomb Raider which were also inspired by Indiana Jones. Only this time instead of a male leading character they came up with a woman named Lara Croft. Regardless of the characters involved in these games they were both inspired by Indiana Jones. As it happens George Lucas got the idea for Indiana Jones from an old movie, actually a weekly adventure serial, he had watched as a kid. I'm sure the original writer who wrote that weekly adventure serial had no idea the extent of how many spin offs and millions of dollars that would come of his original idea. Yet the fact remains the Tomb Raider books, games, and movies are like a great grand child of some weekly adventure serial I can't even tell you the name of off the top of my head. So to get back to the point when we talk about originality there is rarely such a thing. Most of the time it is inspiration, ideas, and some creativity based on someone else's work who has long been forgotten in the sands of time. Even though we might not know the name of the person who dreamed up the first vampire we do know that Bram Stoker is the man who created Dracula which has been converted to books, movies, toys, games, cartoons, you name it. In turn other people like Stephen King have been inspired by Dracula to go off and tell his own dark tail of vampires and doomed little towns in Southern Maine. Nintendo made Dracula the boss for their Castlevania series. On and on we could go.


Johnny Tai wrote:
That'd be a tall order I'd think, since in one way or another most games are inspired by several earlier ones- for example, call it what you would, tekken, soul edge, king of fighters, whatever...they all took the original idea from Street Fighter. So you can change the sounds, the themes, the name, but to come up with something totally new as far as idea goes...very hard.
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